Goal Setting Course Part – 3

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Welcome to the third part of our goal setting course. So the second part predominantly was all about identifying that why of the entire goal setting? That’s important because that creates the right mood. And when you are in the right state of mind, you are able to think better. And that’s why the why? So this has to create an emotion of inspiration that, I really want to achieve this goal. And that’s very very important for me. So that’s something that you have done in the part two. So I hope you have your reasons very very clear. And do not move further without the reasons being very clear so once your reasons are absolutely clear. Now, identify the barriers that can stop you from achieving this goal. Now the barriers can be segregated into two parts:-

  1. External barriers
  2. Internal barriers

External barriers are all those things that you feel can be a hindrance. It could be somebody else’s behaviour, it could be people you know who will delay things for you, it could be somebody who can be the biggest road block. It could be external conditions, market conditions, lack of resources, and anything that you can think about. This seems to be like a negative exercise but it’s not. Remember the job of the quality control department is to find errors for better quality. So that’s not a negative job right? And that’s why here you try to find every reason that can come up, that can stop you from achieving your goal. So two things:- External barriers & Internal barriers. So write down all the possible external barriers that you can ever think of. And then write down all the internal barriers that you can think of.

Now, internal barriers are nothing but your own emotions, your own lack, your own vacuum. It could be that you are not motivated enough but this should take care of it with the second part of the video that’s Inspiration. It could be I am a little lazy, it could be, I don’t really push myself into something, it could be my habit of procrastination and all these stuff…. But remember a lot of these internal barriers automatically will go down when the inspiration is high expect if the requirement is a skill. So inspiration is not a substitute for a skill. So if a skill has to be learnt you have to go ahead. However, inspiration can really motivate you to go and learn the skill.

It’s not a replacement. So identify everything. So, for example, you do not have the skill to achieve that goal that becomes another internal barrier. So in this exercise identify all the internal and external barriers. And once you have done that, I will take you to the next part of this entire course and I will tell you what to do. But at this point of time spend a decent amount of time introspecting and finding out all the barriers: – internal and external. And we are doing this to eventually break everything that can stop us.

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