Goal Setting Course Part – 2

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Welcome to the part 2 of the short term goal setting course. So in the first part we understood the importance of goal setting and now it’s all about moving ahead with the process of goal setting. There are multiple steps over here and I will take you one at a time if possible in every video. So the first thing of course is to set a goal and milestones associated with that goal. So my request to all of you would be pick up a short term goal may be a couple of them in your professional life and a couple of them in your personal life.

Short term and a long term is a relative thing. Of course you can set a long term. It is that a long term goal is anywhere from five years to fifteen years, and a short term could be anywhere from a three to six months to two to three years.  My request is do not get bogged on these things. You set a goal which is anywhere from two months to about a year, two in the professional life, two in the personal life. Do not get bogged on by people who are absolutely clear about their long terms goals. Sometimes you go and meet somebody who tells you that he or she is absolutely of their goal maybe twenty years down the line. And you are thinking forget about twenty years apna toh yaar do mahineka hi nothing is clear. So do not get bogged on by that. You need to understand one thing very very clear, when the macro is not focus on the micro. See every cell of ours is a representation of the entire universe. When you can’t see the universe clearly just look within and just focus on the next step.

For example I am assuming for most of you is listening to this video. You know where you are at this point of time. If you do not have a job your goal is to have a job. If you want to set your own business that’s what exactly it is. If you are already working for an organization then currently you are with this organization, you are in a particular line of work, your functional department. So you know what you have got to do. Forget about 10 years 15 years if you are not clear about it. Just focus on what you have got to do at this point of time and select a goal that looks tremendously tough. However which doesn’t feel and look impossible right now, see again impossible is a feeling. It’s what you believe. It’s what you experience at this point of time in your life. But on the basis on your awareness and feelings and experience do not set something that looks already impossible. Pick up something that looks tough, you believe it’s tough and let’s work on that, two months, three months, six months, one year it doesn’t matter. Identify a couple of goals in your professional and a couple of goals in your personal. The goal should be measurable. So you cannot have a goal saying that my goal is to be happy, right? You can measure it. Yes, but at times, for example right now if I am happy ya I can say yes I am in an alignment to my goal, but at the end of the day can I keep a track of every moment? The answer is no, right? Which means it should be quantifiable, it should be measureable, and you should be able to track it. So at the end of the day you should be able to say whether I moved in that direction or not. There should be no ambiguity and this is very very clear when you set goals. And if you make a mistake in setting goals, don’t worry about it. As of now set goals and that’s important.

The next important step once you set a goal is, to ask yourself why do you want to achieve this goal? Before you move on to the how do I achieve the goal, the why? is important. So I am going to talk about the importance of why now. WHY means why do I want to achieve this goal? What all would change in my life? What is the best that I will get out of it? Reason: Remember people only change their goals when their reasons are either clear or tremendously strong. Now the reasons could either be negative which is desperation or it could be positive which is inspiration. I only want you to identify at this point of time the positive reasons of why you want to achieve this goal? And they are all the reasons of inspiration. So ask yourself, if I achieve this goal, what all will change in my life?

For example: if your goal is to get promoted this year ask yourself, why do I want to achieve this goal? Now most of you will think it’s such an obvious reason behind why I want to get promoted? Yes. So I want you to write it down. For example you would say I would get a salary high, more authority, more control, and recognition. These are all important but I want you to think a little beyond this. These are also significant points: more money tremendously important, more recognition absolutely important, more authority I am sure it’s worth it. But apart from this what else?  So with more money what else would change in your life? I want you to write down these points also. Who is that one person who is going to be absolutely proud if you get promoted? Apart from you, I am sure you are going to be proud of yourself. Who else is going to be absolutely happy? Who all would be very happy? How is it going to change your lifestyle? How is going to change your emotions? I want you to write this down as an activity post this particular video. So write down as many reasons as you can think of and spend some time, invest sometime in this. Remember, stronger your reasons higher the inspiration. And higher the inspiration the higher the chance of you moving towards your goal. So when look at those reasons, you should feel I want to do it. It’s not that I have to do it. I want to do it. So as a part of this particular second video of the course, write down your goals and the milestones and down why you want to achieve  the goals? Every goal should have at least 8-10 powerful inspiring reasons: Why you want to achieve this goal? So go ahead. Pick up your pens, pick up a paper or a notebook and write down all these that I have mentioned I this video. And once you have written this, in the next video I will take you to the next step. So enjoy your experience and I will see you soon.

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