We as human beings celebrate a lot of events, be it national, regional or personal. All the celebrations have one common thread, Positivity. The reason we celebrate any event is just for this Positivity. Positivity can be about being Happy, Cheerful, Grateful, Togetherness and many more. These all emotions are in a “Give and Receive” format.
Now that a very big festival, here in Maharashtra, is around the corner: a lot is happening…. Holidays have been announced, groups are made, donations collected, agendas being finalized, pandits getting booked 😉 . Everyone gearing up to be in the devotion mode. It’s a beautiful and heartwarming site. So many pandals being decorated with different themes, creativity at its best is on display. I personally am thinking how can I do something different this time. Kids are waiting for the competitions that are announced during the festival – drawing, games, dance etc, and even more about the visarjan. Everything, from a pin to a palace, is being shaken to come up with a greater celebration than last year.

Full on “Celebration” mode active, this is so energizing and beautiful. Now the main thought being can we not celebrate everyday of life with the same emotion, not the agenda though :-p …… Isn’t life all about celebration. Each day being an opportunity to do something different. It’s not always about creating new, it can be about correcting the old as well. It’s any day easier to bring in a new relation in our life; friend, plant, pet, family; rather than working on the old ones. However what is more important is to check if the existing is in a state of celebration. We look at people and other things basis Past, but the only truth is Past is not equal to Future. It is indeed a challenge to go back to a friend who has hurt you in the past, but the truth can be that he misses you and doesn’t know how to face you. There can be multiple options of truth, we can only experience it if we confront it.

This season of celebration, let’s look at reviving one of our past relation or event and make an attempt to correct it. Without getting in to, who is right and who is wrong. The thought matters! Let’s invoke the best of intentions within and approach a negative past and convert it to a positive and Celebrate life. Results may or may not be positive but our intentions and actions should be.

I wish you all an amazing Ganesh festival and a Life full of celebrations.

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