5 Secrets to Attract More Wealth

Your concerns about the stability of your career, your ability to support yourself and your family, or your future may be among the major reasons why you are thinking of ways to attract more wealth right now. Fortunately, it is actually possible. You can attract wealth and abundance by just learning some secrets followed by those who have already successfully performed this deed.

Here are just some of the key secrets to attract more wealth, giving you the kind of financial independence you longed to attain:

1. Share what you have

This seems to be a ridiculous option for many, but from an energy perspective the formula is ‘share what you want the most!’ This creates some tremendous energy in the form of a ‘wealth mentality’. The percentage and the amount as of now are not important.

It is essential to share what you have, regardless of how small, with those around you. Sharing is actually a positive action, which helps affirm to your mind that you actually have a lot of wealth. It’s because you always have something to share. You may contribute around five to ten percent of your monthly earnings to a person or an organization that you find uplifting, motivational or inspirational. The good thing about sharing what you have is that it also attracts good karma, so expect wealth and abundance to come your way in no time. Though we are not talking about emotions as of now, but it’s true even for the emotions! If you want more love, give more of it and you will have it!

2. Respect your money

How we treat money is a reflection of our subconscious beliefs and values about money. Hence, what we consciously do with it can even bring in a shift at a level of subconscious!

These include coins, bills and credit cards. Keep in mind that your money is a product of your labor and hard work. If you disrespect it, then it means that you are also disrespecting yourself. To show money that you respect it, keep it organized. Keep track of it regularly. Avoid handling its power lightly.

Proper money management is beneficial for you, as it will surely return the favor by growing and taking care of you for many years. If you disrespect it, then you may have a hard time attracting wealth. You can also demonstrate your respect towards your hard-earned money by not using it as a way to boost your self-esteem temporarily through impulsive and unnecessary spending.

You can do a simple task; reflect on what happens to your money once it leaves the account? What do you do with it first? Can you prioritize and change the sequence? First Invest, then save, then donate, then pay your bills and then only shop!!!!! Whatever you want the most do that first from the account!

3. Set a clear goal regarding the amount of wealth and abundance you wish to attract

The spiritual force or universe can’t handle mixed or unclear messages well. If you’re unclear about what you want or if you’re someone who changes your mind from time to time, then it will be hard for you to attain your desired results. Be more specific in the amount you intend to attract, and the kind of lifestyle you wish to enjoy. Be consistent in your goals, as well. By doing so, the universe will not receive mixed signals, thereby ensuring that you receive what you ask for.

4. Stop the cycle of helplessness

This means that you should prevent yourself from getting trapped in the gravitational pull of poverty. Note that it would be hard for you to attract abundance, wealth and other positive things if you constantly occupy your karmic and emotional space with certain words like “I can’t”. Avoid focusing too much on what you lack. Be confident in your ability to attract wealth and believe that you are worthy to attain genuine happiness and your dream lifestyle.

It is also important to connect with the right kind of people to build more empowerment rather than helplessness! Try to spend more time with people who know to manage their money and are more optimistic rather than people who just a crib and complain!

5. Get rid of all forms of envy

Jealousy can hamper your ability to attract wealth. It’s because being envious of what those around you possess will cause you to occupy your mind with illusions. Avoid letting envy or jealousy overpower you, as it tends to lie. It projects a fake narrative of what is really happening around you. That said, it is necessary to remove it from your system. Replace it with joy and satisfaction.

Remove all negative energies from your system and appreciate even the simplest things in life. This will allow you to be at peace and be more contented of what you have, thereby making you feel like you’re the wealthiest person in the world.

The tips mentioned here are just simple, but they are actually effective in attracting abundance and wealth into your life. These practical and simple tips are capable of magnifying your energy, allowing you to manifest what your heart and mind desire.

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