‘ACCELERATE – Programming for Success’ is a unique complete package that has been designed to program an individual’s conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to achieve ‘Peak Performance’ in all areas of Life. It also contains 21 Days Success Blueprint Programming Workbook and 21 Powerful Visuals/Banners highlighting empowering beliefs.

‘ACCELERATE – Programming for Success’ is a unique complete package that has been designed to program an individual’s conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to achieve ‘Peak Performance’ in all areas of Life. Blending sciences of hypnosis, visualization, subconscious programming, daily reinforcement and periphery vision, all ingredients in this package works in synergy to manifest great results!!!

The Product Description and Directions :-

Creating Powerful Mornings and Manifestation – Every individual knows ‘how we start our mornings’ can have a significant impact during the entire day. This audio works on re-engineering the mind to bring the focus back to ‘Possibilities’ and triggers high energy, ownership and focus on creating a great empowering Life.

  • This audio should be heard every day in the morning as soon as one gets up as this is a natural state of hypnosis.
  • One can listen to this audio while doing other regular chores or by sitting in a meditational pose.

Creating Empowering Beliefs – Beliefs are the ‘blueprint’ of our Life, and who we are today is just a manifestation of our ‘Belief System’. Changing our Life and creating an empowering one, requires a complete shift in our Beliefs systems. When our ‘Beliefs’ support our actions or are in sync with our actions, the results are miraculous!!! This audio works on a subconscious level subtly challenges the unwanted beliefs and imprints new empowering Beliefs. Once programmed, the beliefs act like a booster and helps us achieve our Goals.

  • This audio should be heard once or twice a day for a minimum of 60 days and can be heard even while travelling and doing other activities.

Building Confidence and High Energy – These are qualities required to achieve greater heights in all areas of Life and this ‘Bonus’ audio helps an individual program their mind and body to achieve high energy and boost their confidence levels.

  • This audio can be heard whenever there is a need or can be heard for programming as a regular practice.

Programming for the Magic 30 minutes – 30 minutes prior to our sleep, is the ‘Magical’ natural state of hypnosis. Programming done at this level goes deep into the subconscious mind without intrusion of the ‘Critical Filter’ of the conscious mind. When programmed properly, the effect gets amplified during dreams and creates ‘Inner Growth’’ during our sleep making our sleep very peaceful, empowering and heightens the freshness in the morning.

  • This programming audio is very important and should be heard before going to sleep as the last activity. It can be done in a meditative pose or even after lying down.

21 Days Success Blueprint Programming Workbook – This is a 21 days course which takes only 5 to 10 minutes a day and when integrated with the audio programming, it works wonders. A printout needs to be taken and the answers have to be handwritten by the individual. The workbook use the following modalities

Power Questions – Powerful questions can trigger motivation and the highest level of creativity also. In short it can transform the quality of thinking. This workbook has questions for all 21 days that triggers the right focus and thinking much needed for programming for ‘Peak Performance’

Daily Reinforcement – Anything done on a daily basis over a period of 21 to 60 days creates new neuropath ways in the brain, in short can create new patterns of thinking. Done in a ‘Daily Reinforcement’ format this workbook creates new patterns of ‘Possibilities’

Handwriting – Handwriting has the capability of bypassing the critical filter of the conscious mind and gets imprinted in the subconscious mind. The workbook answers need to be handwritten only and hence works on the deeper layers of the mind to bring about a positive shift.

Powerful Visuals/Banners – 21 Powerful Visuals highlighting empowering beliefs are provided in this pack. One needs to take a print in the form of post card or banners and paste it anywhere and everywhere at work and at home. The beliefs work on the subconscious mind through direct and periphery vision. The empowering Beliefs can also be pasted in children’s room to program their subconscious too.

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