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Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis has been used since ages to break barriers, heal self and achieve quantum goals.

Before we start using Self Hypnosis its important to understand more about the modality and clarify myths. The following answers will bring in awareness: –

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind that every individual has an access to and experiences it on a day to day basis. The ‘trance’ state happens when we are engrossed in reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music. When done with intent can be a powerful state to achieve our goals.

Why is it powerful?

Hypnosis is all about accessing the Subconscious state of mind and the subconscious is believed to be few thousand times stronger than the conscious state! Subconscious is the seat of habits, beliefs and values and hence is very powerful for bringing about a shift in one’s life. It can build new beliefs, new behaviors, change old behaviors, habits and patterns.

How to use the Self Hypnosis audio/track?

The audio created (by Harrish Sairaman) puts the mind into mild trance (deep trance is only intended in therapies and not during self-hypnosis as the client needs to be in control to use the affirmations) which then can be used to repeat the affirmations/belief statements and visualize them to see the changes.

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 Steps to achieve Success through Self Hypnosis :-

  1. Identify the behaviors/beliefs that you intend to create/achieve
  2. Convert the belief/behavior into a statement – short, positive and in the present tense. E.g. My energy levels when I get up in the morning is getting better and better OR Whenever I express in front of an audience I am now relaxed and confident etc.
  3. Write down the benefits that you will reap if you achieve the goal/behavior/belief (This is important for the conscious and the subconscious to remain motivated)
  4. Find a place where you will not be disturbed and listen to the audio track – repeat the statement 21 times when it is asked and visualize the new behavior. Stick to one statement for at least 21 days
  5. On a daily basis observe your behavior and document progress and changes (This is very important)
  6. Once this behavior becomes a habit, move on to the next one.
  7. 2 tracks are provided and any one can be used. Once can even alternate the tracks.

Start using the Self Hypnosis track and experience the magic of the technique very soon.



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